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Here at Living Satva we believe (and science is starting to conquer) that isolation is at the root of many of our society's issues such as addiction and random acts of violence etc. As a culture, we have come to value independence so much, that we have forgotten how to ask for help or how to reach out to one another for support.

What happened to our tribes and our extended families? Resolving some of these fundamental social ailments that touch a lot of our lives, largely depends on our ability to become vulnerable  and human with one another.


Can we learn to allow others to see us as we are? Especially during times where things are not so perfect? That is when we need others the most. At Living Satva we are confident that a lot of our success as human beings is deeply founded in being part of a community. No matter how we try, there is nothing we can do to change the fact that we are social creatures.


What is preventing us from coming together and surrounding ourselves with the support we need?

What disempowering belief structures are at play when it comes to gravitating towards like minded people that share our visions and philosophies?


Dare we assume that all humans on some level crave a sense of support and community in their lives? 


Let us create a safe place for this conversation to blossom. What does support mean to you? How do you envision receiving and giving support in a community?

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