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Do you live in a body? If yes, then this is for you. Do you know how to live in your body? What have you been taught about taking care of this sacred temple that houses your existence? Just like other things in life, such as parenting and marriage... the body experience, also comes without a manual. It is a space for exploration and discovery. Only through our "mistakes" can we begin to build an arsenal of strategies, assisting to being present to these things called our bodies.

Our philosophy is rooted in ayurveda and influenced by Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness, Self Observance practices and many more modalities that we have found transformational over the years.

Living Satva implements a wholistic approach and, in our opinion, speaks to a missing link in today's body conversation. We wholeheartedly believe that, as humans, we can not find peace and love in the world around us if we can not first learn to practice self care and love towards ourselves and our bodies.

We here at Living Satva think that the time is now, to dismantle disempowering self-talk-tracks and the toxic ways we have learned to treat our bodies. Let us help you shed these unsupportive belief systems and find freedom in learning a new way to be with your body. Build a unique toolbox that can help you reconnect with your body and use it as a glorious vehicle to move through this exhilarating experience called life. Reach health and joy in your body, heal your relationship with movement, food, clothes and much more.

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