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Do You...

Want to tap in the power of intuitive eating to completely transform your health and your relationship with food and your body?

Want to learn more about the natural rhythms of the body and how they connect with the greater rhythms of the day, the months and the seasons?


Want to experience the 5000 year old power and wisdom of Ayurveda?

Come learn what yogis and master teachers understood about nutrition, routine, herbs, movement and lifestyle recommendations could do to harmonize the mind, body and spirit systems.

We offer consultations, recommendations and ongoing support to people seeking wellness regiments guided by ayurvedic wisdom, yoga and other modalities to achieve our clients highest mental, emotional and physical health.


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Disempowering self-talk-tracks


Toxic ways you have

learned to treat your body.

Unsupportive belief systems.


Feeling restricted or limited by your body.

Unhealthy habits and thought patterns that prevent
you from feeling vibrant, radiant and amazing in your body.

Destructive and unattainable beauty standards

and collective unhealthy eating patterns.

Whatever blocks your ability to commit to self-care

rituals which result in radiance and vitality.


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Using ayurveda for self-care, transforming our relationship with our bodies, food, routines and movement to balance the body, mind and spirit is our mission at Living Satva.


Since opening up shop in 2012, we’ve been working closely with our valued clients to provide exactly what they need to transform their relationship with their food, bodies and movement using Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Somatic Healing Practices and more.


We take pride ourselves in providing individualized tools to help with mental, emotional and physical transformations. 


We take the time to understand what each person needs in order to reach holistic wellness.


Living Satva is ready to help you, so don’t delay your journey towards self-love & deep nourishment any further!

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